Why SqBx

The most trusted, comprehensive, easy to use and customizable tracking software. SqBx has tracked millions of packages across the globe, and been the innovator for nearly two decades.

SqBx creates a smooth flow of mailroom operations for delivering inbound packages, from receiving, to storage, to routing, to recipient communication, to supporting outbound shipping. 

SqBx is the easiest, most efficient way to provide a complete chain of custody and proof of delivery for your packages.

SqBx is used by more colleges and universities, corporations, hotels, government orgs., healthcare facilities, facilities managers, and school districts than any other tracking solution.

SqBx delivers peace of mind that:

  • Packages will be delivered, never lost
  • Recipients know where and how to retrieve their packages 
  • Internal teams are operating more efficiently with reduced costs

SqBx’s configurability supports all organizations’ unique workflows

  • Scan package data directly into the system
  • Automate custom emails or text messages to recipients at every step of the process
  • Automate custom routing
  • Capture signatures for proof of receipt 
  • Snap and record photos at any point in the delivery process 
  • Provide an easy to use portal for customers to gain deep visibility to their parcels
  • Create and access reports that are important for your organization

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Key Features

Proof of Delivery


SMS/Email Notification

Locker Integration

Contactless Delivery

Desktop and Mobile

Purchase Order Processing

Delivery and Pickup Requests

Custom Package Alerts

Auto Importing

USPS Last Mile Delivery

Interoffice Tracking

Custom Reports

Single Sign On

High Density Mail

Unlimited Users

Inventory Module 

Outbound Shipping Package Alerts


Privacy and data protection at SqBx are the highest priority.

Privacy and data protection at SqBx are the highest priority. SqBx follows industry best practices and is constantly improving as security protections evolve. SqBx partners with a third-party company that performs annual penetration and vulnerability testing to ensure we protect our customers’ sensitive data and that best practices are being followed. 

Hosted in one of the most secure data centers in the world, we follow security best practices to make sure that your sensitive data remains encrypted and securely stored, eliminating the need for an expensive on-premise hosting infrastructure.

Features include

  • Encryption at rest and transit 
  • OWASP security measures including multiple firewall services 
  • Intrusion prevention services
  • Secure authentication mechanisms and full data encryption on the handhelds

Highly Configurable

At SqBx we know that no customer is the same. Each customer has its own unique workflow and priorities. SqBx prides itself on offering flexibility to our customers, allowing them to design the workflow that fits their needs. With the most customizable options in the market, SqBx works within your business processes. Whether you need to keep records of certain information, create custom delivery routes, or send out unique alerts and notifications, SqBx has you covered.  

Create custom

  • Routes
  • Reports
  • Alerts/notifications
  • Templates
  • Fields


Unlock the full potential of SqBx with our cutting-edge integration solutions. Our platform seamlessly connects your favorite tools through our modern REST API, streamlining your workflows and boosting productivity. With the ability to integrate with any tool.


Inventory Management

Reporting and ERPs




World Class Support

At SqBx, we understand that exceptional service goes beyond just resolving issues—it's about providing a seamless and personalized experience. Our commitment to delivering white glove service is what sets us apart, ensuring your journey with our platform is as smooth as possible.

Accessible Assistance

We believe in real, human connections. That's why we offer the option to connect with our support team via phone or email.

White Glove Treatment

We don't just solve problems; we guide you through solutions, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

100% SLA Goal

We take pride in our impeccable track record of meeting service level agreements. You can trust us to not only meet but exceed your expectations, delivering on promises promptly and efficiently.

Success is Our Priority

We measure our success by your satisfaction. Our service extends beyond issue resolution to proactive support, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to make the most of our software.

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