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Inbound Tracking

Track Inbound Packages Anywhere, Anytime

Quickly and easily scan, route and deliver inbound packages and mail. Notify recipients how to retrieve their packages. SqBx provides visibility and control of parcels 24/7 through its web application or handheld device and securely tracks the chain of custody.

Highly configurable, SqBx brings efficiency to any package delivery workflow and ensures that everyone who needs information about a package, always has it. SqBx can also automate, route, track and provide notifications for interoffice or outbound shipment requests. No more misplaced or mishandled packages… ever.

SqBx helps you:

  • Receive, route and deliver packages more quickly and efficiently 
  • Maintain a chain of custody of all packages at all times
  • Automate communication to recipients their package has arrived and how to retrieve it
  • Maintain an audit trail
  • Eliminate delivery errors
  • Reduce delivery delays
  • Eliminate hand written logs, delivery tickets and redundant filing processes
  • Seamlessly exchange data, such as purchase orders, with ERP/MMIS systems

Key Software Features

  • Record and label received parcels and mail into a database with barcode scanning
  • Email/SMS notifications to recipients
  • Track in an easy to use web portal
  • Scanning history and proof of delivery 
  • Ability to attach notes and photos to packages

Key Handheld Device Features

  • Durable handheld devices to scan barcodes at every step of the internal delivery chain
  • Real-time status including times and locations with each scan
  • Signature/photos from recipients to acknowledge the receipt of their items
  • Contactless delivery options

Purchase Order Reconciliation

With SqBx purchase order reconciliation, you can eliminate hand-written logs, delivery tickets and redundant filing processes.

 SqBx helps your workflow by offering a system for all your PO needs. Staff members can receive purchase orders and reconcile items. SqBx exchanges data with ERP and MMIS systems making it an easy and efficient process without having to switch over to other programs.

SqBx can exchange purchase order line item data and other information such as buyer, recipient/department, and vendor information seamlessly with virtually all ERP and financial software solutions. 


  • Eliminate duplicate work
  • Reduce errors
  • Customize notifications and communications

Interoffice Tracking

Make interoffice deliveries visible and trackable with SQBX

Many offices have important paperwork and time sensitive materials that require internal tracking and visibility. Employees can create a trackable interoffice travel document for items to be scanned from pickup through final delivery. Recipient and sender has visibility of the interoffice item every step of the way.


  • Automated communications for recipient and sender provide tracking visibility
  • Full chain of custody reporting
  • Real-time updates

Custom Mail and Package Routing

Route and schedule packages at your convenience

Routing allows users to assign locations to routes for delivering packages. Recipients are assigned to these locations, which makes receiving and sorting these packages very quick and easy. Schedule events and messages to automate processes and save time. It can be set up to send out an automatic email and/or text that you can customize to the recipient.


  • Increase efficiency and lower costs: With custom routes users can create the most efficient routes to get packages delivered faster and with less staff overhead
  • Delta reporting allows users to determine the time the visit was expected vs the time the visit occurred, allowing users to identify bottlenecks in their current workflow
  • Increased customer satisfaction, recipients do not have to go to central receiving to pick up packages and with interoffice pickup, recipients can request a pick up 

Locker Integration

Secure, convenient and efficient package pick-up or drop off experience

Some deliveries may be best handled through a self-service locker solution. SqBx can handle routes that set the parcel disposition to an available self-service locker and notify the recipient with a unique one-time code for locker pickup. SqBx’s locker integration provides a full chain of custody for all goods and assets distributed and received via lockers. This solution offers visibility, security, and efficiencies designed to scale as your organization grows.


  • Full chain-of-custody visibility: Real-time tracking of all goods and assets, from the moment they are received to the moment they are delivered to their final destination.
  • Increased security: Built-in 24/7 cloud-based video surveillance security system and signature and photo capture.
  • Improved efficiency: A unified platform streamlines the package management process, making it easier for you to receive, track, and deliver goods.
  • Scalability: Designed to scale as your organization grows. As your needs change, you can easily add or remove lockers to meet your requirements.


Reports That Matter to You

SqBx allows you to generate as many reports as you want for yourself or to share with the entire organization. Reports allow you to forecast and manage operations by keeping tabs on key performance indicators, service level goals, delta reporting, ad hoc reporting, and more. SqBx reporting is customizable to your business and your reporting needs.


  • Reporting can measure key KPI’s and show users bottlenecks or inefficiencies
  • Forecast and manage operations by keeping tabs on key performance indicators and service levels goals
  • Quickly learn what packages are needed to be picked up, have been in storage for too long, or other customizable reports that are important to your business
  • Some businesses, such as hospitality, can use the reports as revenue generating by tracking guest services or charges for stored items
  • Create damage or missing packages report for carriers or delivery route drivers

Key Features

Proof of Delivery


SMS/Email Notification

Locker Integration

Contactless Delivery

Desktop and Mobile

Purchase Order Processing

Delivery and Pickup Requests

Custom Package Alerts

Auto Importing

USPS Last Mile Delivery

Interoffice Tracking

Custom Reports

Single Sign On

High Density Mail

Unlimited Users

Inventory Module 

Outbound Shipping Package Alerts

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