The Ultimate Guide to Top Inbound Package Tracking Software

The Ultimate Guide to Top Inbound Package Tracking Software

In today’s world, packages are part of the daily grind. Corporations, colleges, and other organizations face a near-constant flow of packages. Managing this influx of deliveries creates challenges, from identifying efficient storage solutions to establishing clear communication to the recipient. Whether you oversee a large corporation handling thousands of packages, or manage a university's package and mail room for students and staff, utilizing inbound package tracking software can effectively address these challenges.

In this guide, we’ll unpack what package tracking software is and the top options available on the market... Each software solution offers unique features and capabilities designed to simplify your package management operation, enhance transparency with customers, and save you time and resources.

What Is Package Tracking Software?

Package tracking software is an indispensable tool for many businesses, organizations, and universities. It streamlines the process of receiving, sorting, and delivering packages, as well as tracking inventory - which enhances efficiency and helps reduce the number of lost packages by creating a digital chain of custody. Package tracking software also manages the high volume of incoming mail and packages while ensuring timely and accurate delivery.

Government institutions, healthcare facilities, and facilities management companies also benefit from such systems, as they can use tracking software to handle large volumes of inbound packages and mail, improve operational efficiency, and increase accountability. Package tracking software is a game-changer for many and provides a seamless and efficient solution for managing inbound package delivery.

Key Benefits of Package Tracking Software

Package tracking software is an essential tool that offers numerous benefits that enhance the efficiency and reliability of delivery services. No matter what your industry may be - education, retail, healthcare, government, or any other - the benefits of package tracking software may surprise you.

Here is a quick list of a few key benefits that are provided by high-quality package tracking software:

  1. Real-Time Package Tracking - Provide up-to-the-minute information on the when and where of a package, ensuring customers and businesses alike can monitor progress and anticipate delivery times.
  2. Transparent Communication - Keep yourself and your recipients well informed with immediate updates and alerts.
  3. Security - Package tracking software helps mitigate the risk of lost or stolen packages with a clear and concise digital chain of custody.
  4. Data Analysis - Do you want to look at data to determine trends and make more informed decisions? Package tracking software provides analytics and reports to help you become more efficient, more effective, and provide better customer support.

Top Inbound Package Tracking Software

Armed with a better understanding of what package tracking software is and how it can benefit you in your industry - we can take a closer look at some of the options that may fit the package tracking needs of your company or organization.

1. SqBx

About SqBx:

SqBx is a premier, industry-leading package tracking software provider that allows you to customize the software to meet the needs of both your organization and your customers. SqBx offers a comprehensive suite of features including package tracking software, a warehouse management system, and customizable smart lockers for automated delivery, designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of your operations - and that is just the start.

The SqBx platform is built by a team of top developers. They created an innovative cloud-based product that provides custom messaging options, route management tools, warehouse management modules, and shipping modules that can be integrated with automated smart lockers for effortless delivery. The development team has made data privacy and security a primary concern, so that your information will be protected. Whether you're a business, university, or organization, SqBx can help manage your inbound packages, optimize warehouse storage, optimize staff resources, and mitigate the risk of lost or stolen packages. With the aid of SqBx package tracking software and solutions, you can save time, reduce costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Features of SqBx

  • Proof of Delivery
  •  Routing
  •  SMS/Email Notification
  • Locker Integration
  • Contactless Delivery
  • Desktop and Mobile
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Delivery and Pickup Requests
  • Custom Package Alerts
  • Auto Importing
  • USPS Last Mile Delivery
  • Interoffice Tracking
  • Custom Reports
  • Single Sign On
  • High Density Mail
  • Unlimited Users
  • Inventory Module
  • Outbound Shipping

2. SCLogic

SCLogic puts a focus on facilities management and offers Intra-Enterprise and Intra-Edu tracking software solutions, designed to streamline package tracking within businesses, corporations, and educational institutions respectively. SCLogic provides similar features to SqBx with available high-density mail, message alerts, route management, and smart lockers. However, SCLogic does not provide the high level of customization and flexibility that SqBx does, which makes it more difficult to integrate into day-to-day operations.

3. QTrak

QTrak provides a more basic suite of package tracking solutions and does not offer the same range of features provided by SqBx. Features provided by QTrak include a package tracking app, delivery lockers and inventory tracking. These solutions do aim to streamline package management and enhance operational efficiency - but do not provide the same level of customization available with other package tracking options. QTrak relies on a consumer application that works well in smaller operations, but is not as scalable for larger mailrooms or receiving operations.

4. Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes utilizes package tracking software that is tied to available carriers, offering a range of features that many businesses and universities find valuable. However, it's important to note that Pitney Bowes does not provide a comprehensive suite of solutions, which may limit its ability to fully address all the package management needs of an institution or organization.

Choosing the right inbound package tracking software can be a bit tricky, but it's a key decision that can boost your productivity, efficiency, accountability, and profitability. With so many options out there, it's crucial to pick a solution that fits your specific needs.

If you're on the lookout for a cutting-edge, scalable, and user-friendly package tracking solution, the SqBx team has got you covered. We're all about providing top-notch software solutions that can transform your package management process and keep you ahead of the game.

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