The Importance of Package Chain of Custody

The Importance of Package Chain of Custody

Did you know that an estimated 260 million packages were stolen last year? That means one out of every 100 package deliveries resulted in theft. With statistics like that, maintaining a clear and accurate chain of custody is of the utmost importance. Package chain of custody is a safeguard against loss and theft that helps ensure that packages are handled responsibly and reach their intended recipients securely. SqBx provides the chain of custody and accountability that is needed.

What Is Package Chain of Custody?

Everyone hears about the chain of custody in a crime documentary or their favorite TV show - and package chain of custody is similar in some respects. Where the legal chain of custody collects and safeguards evidence, the chain of custody in logistics tracks the journey of a package from the moment it arrives at a facility until it is delivered to the final destination - with confirmation - to safeguard the package.

The process behind the package chain of custody not only provides transparency and accountability, but also significantly reduces the risk of lost or stolen packages. A well-managed chain of custody is a critical component of efficient and reliable package delivery systems. Businesses, college campuses, government offices, healthcare facilities, and more institutions employ package tracking software to help maintain a chain of custody for all packages and deliveries.

How Does Package Tracking Software Improve Chain of Custody?

SqBx’s package tracking software significantly enhances the chain of custody in inbound package delivery. By providing real-time tracking and detailed records of each package's journey, it ensures transparency and accountability at every step. Each interaction with a package is logged, including when it changed hands and where it was delivered, which minimizes the risk of errors, lost or stolen packages, and liability.

Moreover, the software's ability to send notifications at each stage of the process keeps all parties informed, which further strengthens the chain of custody. In the event of any discrepancies or disputes, the comprehensive data provided by the software can be invaluable to determine where a package may be. As a result - package tracking software not only improves the efficiency and reliability of package delivery but also bolsters the integrity of the chain of custody.

Here is a short list of how SqBx Package Tracking Software can improve and benefit the package chain of custody:

  • Keeps customers informed with real-time tracking and delivery alerts.
  • Provides transparency in respect to delays, delivery times, and shipment status.
  • Tracks each step of the shipping and delivery process - from Point A to Point Z.
  • Helps eliminate false claims with tracked data that can help pinpoint the location of a package.
  • Integrates with smart lockers at select locations to ensure safe and secure delivery.

The importance of the package chain of custody cannot be overstated. It's a vital component in ensuring transparency, accountability, and security in package delivery. With the aid of SqBx’s inbound package tracking software, this process is significantly enhanced, providing real-time updates and comprehensive records that bolster efficiency and reliability. SqBx is your key to transforming your package delivery process, ensuring every package is accounted for and reaches its rightful recipient.

If you're ready to elevate your package chain of custody and revolutionize your package management, don't hesitate to contact SqBx today!

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