How Can Colleges Use Package Tracking Software?

How Can Colleges Use Package Tracking Software?

The United States is home to an incredible 6,000 colleges and universities. These campuses are made up of students who use Amazon Prime and other sites on their smartphones and computers to order the items they need like laptops and books. In fact, with the rise of eCommerce entities like Amazon, many mid-size universities and colleges expect to handle more than 120,000 high value packages each year - making it vital for mailrooms and shipping and receiving departments to be as reliable, efficient, and effective as possible. Campus mailrooms and shipping and receiving departments across the country may be asking - how can colleges use package tracking software? SqBx Package Tracking Software is the answer and can help colleges face these day-to-day challenges and transform their package handling processes.

Main Challenges Campus Mailrooms Face

Campus mailrooms face a variety of challenges in their day-to-day operations. The sheer volume of incoming packages, especially during peak times like the start of a new semester or around holidays, can simply be overwhelming. Overwhelming volume can lead to logistical and staffing issues, such as accurately tracking packages, ensuring timely and secure delivery, and dealing with lost or misplaced items. These challenges, if not addressed effectively, can result in inefficiencies, increased costs, liability, and dissatisfaction among the campus community.

Here is a short list of key challenges that campus mailrooms face on a daily basis.

  • Labor Hours - Mailrooms that implement manual or outdated package tracking software may find that they spend hundreds - if not thousands - of man hours on manual data entry, paperwork, printing labels, delivering packages, and other day-to-day operations. It is inefficient and prone to errors.
  • Lost or Delayed Packages - Without the right tools, it can be difficult to ensure that packages are delivered to the right location on a larger campus and poor tracking means that packages are lost, delayed, or misplaced creating increased liability.
  • Secure Delivery and Storage - Volume is a key issue for college mailrooms and it can translate to a lack of storage.

Benefits of Inbound Package Tracking Software on College Campuses

Inbound package tracking software with a mobile app provides a wide range of benefits to college campuses and mailrooms across the United States. Package tracking software streamlines the process of managing incoming packages, reduces the chances of lost or misplaced items, and integrates with automated delivery options to ensure secure delivery and chain of custody. Equipped with this innovative solution, college campuses can improve efficiency and cost savings. The software also enhances transparency, allowing students and staff to track their packages in real-time, which increases customer satisfaction.

1. Scan and Track Packages

Automated inbound package tracking software allows campus mailrooms to scan packages as they arrive, scan them when they are en route, and scan them when they are delivered - which provides accountability and delivery confirmation.

2. Customizable Package Management

Inbound package tracking software - like SqBx - provides campus mailrooms with the ability to customize the software to fit their workflow including: creating custom delivery routes, email and text notifications, reports, and customer portals.

3. Creates a Chain of Custody

With so many students, staff, and faculty on a college campus, it is important to ensure that a package is delivered to the right person. Inbound package tracking software can be employed to create a chain of custody that ensures the right person gets the right package and obtains proof of delivery with signatures and the ability to capture pictures.

4. Integrates with Smart Lockers

Smart lockers are a valuable asset on college campuses that provide a secure location for packages to be delivered. With state-of-the-art automated lockers, packages can be delivered with SqBx and only accessed with a code sent to the package recipients by SqBx. Package tracking software can be integrated with smart lockers to provide up-to-the-minute tracking and delivery notifications. Best yet, SqBx integrates with the leading package lockers.

Package Data and Analytics

SqBx package tracking software can revolutionize the way campus mailrooms operate. It provides valuable data and analytics that can enhance efficiency and accountability within your operations. With the SqBx platform, mailrooms can track packages in real-time, analyze delivery times, and identify any potential bottlenecks allowing mailrooms to staff up for busy times and create routes that make sense. This data-driven approach not only improves operational efficiency, lowers costs, but also enhances customer service by ensuring timely and accurate package delivery.

The use of inbound package tracking software, like the innovative solutions provided by SqBx, can revolutionize the way colleges manage their mailrooms. The technology addresses unique challenges faced by campus mailrooms and enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and improves satisfaction among students and staff. It can be a powerful tool that not only simplifies package management but contributes to a better campus experience. Campuses that ask - how can colleges use package tracking software - can find the answers to their questions right here at SqBx.

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