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More of the world’s mailrooms and receiving departments, colleges and universities, government orgs., corporations, hotels, and conference centers rely on SqBx to track packages, than any other provider.







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What We Offer

  • The #1 last mile package delivery and chain of custody software for 15+ years
  • The most secure and reliable solution
  • The most customizable solution for every organization’s workflow
  • The easiest to use solution

Logistics and mailroom teams rely on SqBx to easily:

  • Receive packages
  • Verify delivery
  • Notify recipients
  • Print labels and ship
  • Store packages
  • Detailed custom reporting
  • Manage delivery routes
  • and more

Benefits include:

  • Identify logistic bottlenecks and improve workflows
  • Deliver packages faster
  • Retain visibility into where any package is at any point in time
  • Maintain chain of custody
  • Detailed custom reporting
  • Never lose a package
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Thousands of Customers

The world’s leading organizations trust SqBx to handle all stages of the inbound tracking process for mail, packages and other assets – from acceptance to delivery.

Who We Serve


Package Tracking

Easily and securely automate and manage the chain of custody of inbound packages and mail. Users can see the current status of their packages and place interoffice or shipment requests.

Purchase Order Reconciliation

Get rid of hand-written logs, delivery tickets, and redundant filing processes. Staff members can receive purchase orders and reconcile items, as well as exchange important data with ERP/MMIS systems.


Employees can create a trackable interoffice travel document for items to be scanned from pickup through final delivery. Recipient and sender have visibility of the interoffice item every step of the way.


Increase efficiency and lower costs of inbound package and asset handling by integrating with contactless delivery mail lockers that deliver safety, security and convenience.

Custom Mail 
and Package Routing

Routing allows users to assign locations to routes for delivering packages. Recipients are assigned to these locations, which makes receiving and sorting these packages very quick and easy. 


Forecast and manage operations by keeping tabs on key performance indicators, service level goals, delta reporting, ad hoc reporting, and more. 

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