chain of custody, supply chain software

SqBx Inbound Package Tracking
Improving Chain Of Custody

Simplified Scanning, Routing, and Proof of Delivery

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asset tracking, asset tracking software, asset management

SqBx Interoffice Tracking

Desk to desk internal tracking enhances internal
communication and saves substantial staff time

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fixed assets, asset tracking, asset tracking software

SqBx Fixed Asset Management

Perform Audits, Track Warranty Information,
Assign to Custodians and Locations

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po receive, po receiving

SqBx Purchase Order Receiving Seamlessly
Exchanges Data with Your ERP System

Receive, Reconcile Line Items, Route, and Deliver in 1 Application
Eliminate redundant processes and multiple package touchpoints

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SqBx Records Retention Manages
Banker Boxes, Records, and Documents

Check records in and out, Create alerts for destroy dates,
Manage records capacity all with one solution

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process tracking, print job, process tracking software

Print Job & Process Tracking

Custom created workflows to suit all of your process tracking needs

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outbound shipping

SqBx Outbound Shipping Provides
Visibility and Control Over Shipping Spend

Save thousands annually when you rate shop your contracted carrier rates based on delivery date

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desktop shipping, shipping software

Desktop Shipping Means Desk to Door
Visibility of All Outbound Shipments

Streamline shipping operations while reducing shipping costs

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sso, single sign on

Single Sign-On Simplifies User Management
and Improves Access

We are a Member of InCommon, SAML 2.0, Shibboleth

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Optimize your internal tracking processes.
SqBx offers more flexibility, reporting, and customization
than any other tracking provider.


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Team SqBx has amassed over 100 years of supply chain and logistics, shipping, inventory and mail experience. Our team is fully equipped to provide best practices to your organization regarding operations between mail rooms, central receiving areas, and other receiving and delivery areas. Specialization in multiple major industries including: education, healthcare, hospitality, government, finance, and more.

package tracking software

Sqbx is a web based application with cloud storage that was developed to automate your package handling and tracking process. Store receipt history and data for up to 7 years. Create and maintain chain of custody and proof of delivery with electronic signatures. Even add photos, attachments and notes with our fully managed SaaS solution. Sqbx software helps track and offers solutions for: all inbound/internal packages, assets, interoffice documents, outbound shipping, processes and more.

mobile device

SqBx provides unlimited users and workstations to get the job done! Access SqBx from anywhere on and off property. Grant various permission levels to employees and staff based on their organizational role. Set up automatic statuses and alerts via email and text notifications. Sqbx is available on iOS, Android, and Motorola rugged handheld device.

SqBx has made our processing a breeze. We receive over 500 packages a day that need to be processed and delivered the same day. With SqBx, we have eliminated the paper trail; filling the signature copy has help cut down on paper by about 70%, which is a significant cost savings as well. The tracking system and website are very user friendly plus their customer service is excellent. They are very responsive and very professional.

Ralph Maytorena Distribution/Logistics Manager SJHMC

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