We’ve Updated Your Package Tracking System!


Hey SqBx Users! Your SqBx team is pleased to announce another release! This means enhancements and features are just around the corner, making your SqBx experience better than ever.  Let’s take a tour of the latest updates to your SqBx Package Tracking Software.

Magnetic Stripe Reader Enhancements on Android

SqBx users know the key to proof of delivery for packages and accountable items is an electronic signature. SqBx takes this a step further by requiring a signed by, because as we all know deciphering a signature can be difficult. Additionally, it is extremely commonplace to deliver to an admin or colleague of the intended recipient. Some SqBx organizations prefer to use an employee/student ID card for proof of delivery. If your organization’s ID cards are barcoded or have a magnetic stripe, SqBx can use this data to retrieve package data for the recipient and demonstrate proof of delivery in lieu of a signature.

We offer several devices that have magnetic swipe capability. The Zebra TC70 offers a magnetic swipe attachment and the Janam XT2 (coming soon) offers a built in magnetic stripe reader.  Enhancements have been made to the Android delivery app to speed up delivery using an ID card to auto populate the signed by field with name affiliated with the ID. Happy Swiping!


Even More Reporting Options

SqBx is actively working to improve reporting capabilities during this release. SqBx offers many standard reports that can be exported to .PDF and .CSV files. Many times reports are exported to an Excel spreadsheet for additional data manipulation and metrics management. Data fields have been enhanced to translate into the desired format when exporting to Excel. User Event Reports have been refined to ensure correct events for the user display when searching for one status of package event for a particular user. For example, you can search for all packages received by a specific team member for a designated time period.  Stay tuned for an external report writer that will allow you to write your own custom reports!


SSO and the Employee Portal

SqBx offers an Employee Portal designed to enhance communication with your recipients. The Portal allows recipients in your organization to have visibility of their inbound packages, create interoffice traveler documents, request a pick up, and create an electronic notification for a ship request. Many organizations that use the Portal couple it with Single Sign On (SSO). SSO is the simplest way to manage hundreds to thousands of portal users by offering an authentication methodology, meaning the employees in your organization do not have another password to remember. Our latest enhancement to the Portal helps receive and delivery team members, managers, and administrators have the ability to have dual role use. They can use the SqBx operational side for receiving and delivering packages and also access the portal for creating pick up requests and shipments.

As always, we welcome your feedback and guidance as we continue to improve SqBx. Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to us at support@ubiquia.com or call us at 1-800-268-6296



Happy Tracking!
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