SqBx Tracking System Update – October Release

October marks the Fall season. Leaves change, the air turns crisp, and change is in the air. SqBx is also in the process of change. Continuous improvement to our package tracking system means another release is at your door. We want to share these enhancements and improvements to your chain of custody and tracking processes.

SqBx Tracking System offers its customers the distinct advantage of being able to customize your receive process to map to your organizational verbiage, specific tracking information, and workflow. One of the key differences between SqBx and other solutions is that there are up to 27 fields, plus up to 10 content fields. Fields can be renamed, reordered, and customized so you can track whatever information is a priority for your organization. Are your tracking needs basic? Perfect, SqBx can streamline your process. Do you have complex business rules and multiple variables you need to track as part of your chain of custody process? SqBx has you completely covered.

Business rules change and you need to adapt, not next week or next month, but now. SqBx enables you to add fields to your workflow whenever necessary, so when new tracking requirements come across your desk, no need to worry. As an administrator of your SqBx Tracking System, you can make these changes on the fly. In this latest release, we have added the ability for administrators to require more fields on the receive screen. As a result, you can elect to have a specific field as a required field. Not only will this help your organization enforce tracking mandates, it will also make it simple for your staff to know they are completely creating a record that meets your needs.

Android and iOS news

In case you had not heard, SqBx offers mobile tracking software on multiple platforms. From commercial devices, like the Zebra TC70 and our newest most economical commercial offering the Janam XT2, to consumer Android and consumer iOS applications. We want our customers to have more options, better applications, and consistent functionality across platforms. For our Android mobile users, our Android application has been enhanced to read a barcode in the recipient field. This is an excellent feature that can receive packages for departments instead of to specific individuals. A custom barcode can be created for the department and scanning it will populate the recipient and location fields.

SqBx tracking offers an iOS app from the app store. We wanted to let all iOS users know that we have updated the iOS app to be user friendly with the latest iOS operating system release v10.

As always, we welcome all feedback, suggestions, and concerns regarding our tracking system solutions. Please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@ubiquia.com or call us at 1-800.268.6296. Stay tuned for additional releases and updates to your parcel tracking software.

Happy tracking!

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