Tracking Software Notifications

How much time does your business spend simply communicating information to staff and employees? It’s difficult to measure, but most people can agree on “far too much”. It has to be done – a customer needs to know when their order is ready, staff needs to know when critical components arrive, etc. But these simple notification tasks can be accomplished without using valuable staff time that can be used elsewhere – the SqBx cloud based tracking system does these tasks automatically.

Even more importantly, the tasks can be scheduled, so that an alert to a production manager to pick up a pallet of goods can be scheduled for 15 minutes after they arrive, allowing the receiving staff time to process everything. Similarly, an alert can be sent to a customer that their order is ready. By scheduling a delay on this alert, staff is relieved of making tedious and time consuming phone calls, a record of notifications is maintained, and the timing of these notices can be customized to your business needs. Auto alerts are present in SqBx package tracking systems, however time savings features such as this exist in all of our products, from mail tracking to inventory software.

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