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enhancements, package tracking, asset tracking

June Release – Import Enhancements, GPS, and more!

folder_openSqBx Release
Happy Wednesday, SqBx users! We’re excited to bring our users the first release of June. This release hosts enhancements to importing, GPS Mapping, and the certification of our latest version of iOS. iOS Certification Most of our SqBx tracking customers use…
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delivery, software release

May Release – SubPrint Updates and More

folder_openSqBx Release
With Summer closing in, we are tuning up SqBx to provide our users the best experience possible. Our newest release, scheduled for May 24th, includes enhancements to our SubPrint application and updated delimiter types for Import. SubPrint Enhancement Many of…
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Software Release

We’ve Improved Your Package Tracking System!

folder_openSqBx Release
  SqBx Release #3953 – Scheduled for June 27, 2016 SqBx strives to offer its customers a continuously improved software solution. New enhancements occur frequently and this latest release offers SqBx Package Tracking system users with time saving, exciting new…
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