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shipping features

October Release – New Shipping Features

folder_openSqBx Release
Happy October, SqBx users! Halloween is just around the corner, and Team SqBx has some treats for you. This release brings new shipping features, enhancements to reports, and more. Features SqBx users will see new shipping features in this release.…
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delivery management

SqBx Release – Advancing Delivery Management

folder_openSqBx Release
Advancing Inventory Delivery Management SqBx is taking delivery management to the next level! Your SqBx tracking team offers an inventory management solution called Allocadence to help manage organizational supplies and materials. Allocadence and SqBx have teamed up to streamline ordering,…
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tracking software, package tracking, asset tracking, proof of delivery

February Release – Delivery Updates and More

folder_openSqBx Release
Team SqBx would like to show our customers more SqBx love this February with our latest release! SqBx constantly strives to offer best in class functionality to all of our package tracking, shipping, asset tracking, and portal users. This release…
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