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TC55 Enterprise, mobile device

Power Up Your Enterprise Needs with the TC55

The TC55 Touch Computer is designed as a pocket-size, user friendly mobile device with the look of a smartphone and the power of a rugged enterprise machine. Zebra Technologies gracefully adapts a user friendly experience without sacrificing the essential enterprise…
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Increasing Number of Uses for Sqbx’s Tracking Software

A growing number of businesses are using package tracking software in increasingly diverse ways. Our tracking software has developed into a powerful receiving and package management system using a cloud server network and SqBx it being put to new types of…
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Assist your Organization Reach Sustainability Goals

Finding improvements in your day-to-day operations is without a doubt always beneficial to your team, your employer, and overall the business. This is why more and more companies are moving towards practices with increases sustainability. Most major corporations, hospitals, and…
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