Interoffice Tracking & Outbound Shipping

Making Interoffice Deliveries and Outbound Shipping a breeze

Your employees can create the most cost effective FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipments based on delivery requirements right from their desk. Then they can print a travelling document and send notification automatically for package pickup by your mail staff. This useful tool can save you time and manpower by empowering employees to create their own shipments right at their desk.

Maximizing Your Rates

Maximize your contracted carrier rates. Ensure compliance with shipping rules. Reduce organizational shipping spend. Not only is interoffice tracking easy and accessible by everyone you grant shipping permissions to, it is more efficient than having employees take their items to your mail staff for delivery. Additionally, it mitigates miscommunication and important documents and packages being sent to the wrong location. Start improving today and request a demo! ​

Interoffice Tracking

Many offices have important paperwork and time sensitive materials that require internal tracking and visibility. Employees can create a trackable interoffice travel document for items to be scanned from pickup through final delivery. The SqBx Interoffice module ensures chain of custody, provides proof of delivery with electronic signatures, and sender has visibility of the interoffice item every step of the way.

Employees and staff can request an interoffice pickup in SqBx. The delivery team will be notified on their route to stop and pick up the package. Print your traveler document with bar code right from your desk. Your team will scan a package upon pick up and record a signature from the recipient to complete the delivery of the package.

Outbound Shipping

SqBx Outbound Shipping can save your organization thousands of dollars on shipping bills annually. In addition to helping maximize your contracted carrier rates, SqBx acts as a management tool, ensuring visibility over your personnel and their shipping habits. By requiring compliance to company business rules and guidelines for shipping, SqBx helps you identify non-compliant practices where employees may be selecting higher rates than necessary.

Our Outbound Shipping engine takes the guess work out of selecting carriers and in between carriers has never been easier. Simply select when you need to have the package arrive at its destination and SqBx will display your contracted rates and recommend the best option.

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