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Package Tracking Made Simple

SqBx Tracking Offers Software Solutions For Packages, Assets, Records, Print Jobs, Inventory and More.

We can help you solve internal issues on the receiving dock, campus mail center, healthcare distribution area, warehouse, central stores, print/copy center and many more.

SQBX can assign communication rules and events to happen behind the scenes giving you visibility and communication control. Essentially, SQBX can help you improve workflows, identify bottlenecks and maintain chain of custody of packages, processes, vehicles, assets, gas cylinders, and much more.

Traditionally, chain of custody tracking entails a complete record of who handled an item, time and date stamp,  and its’ location from initial receipt until final delivery.  SQBX takes chain of custody even further by enabling customers to create their own communication rules and scheduled events that occur automatically behind the scenes, streamlining operations and improving service levels.

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