SqBx Software Release You Won’t Want to Miss Tonight

SqBx will make available a couple of productive enhancements to keep your receiving areas running smoothly tonight.

For starters, an update for your asset tracking module will be released. Enjoy automated maintenance alerts that will allow managers and custodians to receive advanced notifications of upcoming maintenance for assigned assets. In addition, as part of our dedication towards improving SqBx user experience, we will be making it possible for users to print the verify page for package tracking. You will also notice that our visitor tracking module will feature some new badge templates. Lastly, you can now use Zebra’s DS9208 Hands-Free Imager* to parse driver’s licenses into visitor registration fields.

Questions? Our SqBx support desk is available Monday through Friday 8am -8pm EST at 1-800-268-6296. For weekend and urgent concerns email us at support@ubiquia.com.

Happy Tracking!

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* The DS9208 Hands-Free Imager as created by Zebra Technology will offer true point-and-shot scanning simplicity with the versatility of a 1D/2D barcode providing all the features needed for productivity without having to constantly align the barcode or scanner. Hand-free and simple for your team!

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