SqBx May 12th, 2021 Release

Release Notes


Package Tracking

Email address set for ‘From Email Address’ does not update

  • FTP Import Email notifications now properly uses the “From Email” address on ‘Admin → Advanced → Import Settings / History’ screen
    • FTP and manual import email notifications for PO imports will also use the “From Email” address that is set

Tracking Number Format – Service deletion icon broken

  • Resolved an issue where the Delete button for removing a Service for a Carrier on ‘Admin → Advanced → Expert → Tracking Number Format’ and selecting a rule

View Only User – License Plate link should be hidden in sidebar

  • Resolved an issue where the ‘License Plate’/’Route Manifest’ link would show under “Research / Report” section causing confusion for some customers

User Event Widget – Not Calculating by Event

  • Resolved an issue where the ‘Your User Event’ Widget was displaying the total Current Status and not including statuses from packages History

Alerts – Receive and Deliver Users Cannot click ‘Do Not Show Again’

  • Only Manager/Admin/Support users are able to see and interact with the ‘Do not show this message again’ option on Alerts
  • Receive And Deliver users and below are not able to see the ‘Do not show this message again’ option on Alerts

UI – Hide Language dropdown/icon when only one language active on a Server

  • When only one language is enabled for a site the language dropdown and globe icon are properly hidden when logged in or out on the Reseller, Operational, and Pickup Portal

Site/Handheld – Recipients with long name or location name don’t display properly

  • Resolved an issue where Recipient or Location names would not display correctly because limits were not consistent with the site, handheld, and imports.
    • Recipient name character limit of 50 characters is properly enforced and reflected on imports (truncating if longer) and manual input
    • Location name character limit of 60 characters is properly enforced and reflected on imports (truncating if longer) and manual input
    • Location description character limit of 50 characters is properly enforced and reflected on imports (truncating if longer) and manual input

Pickup Reports – Additional Enhancements

  • “On Pickup Report (/pickupfind.php):
    • ‘Pickup Request Detail’(/pickup/pickupdetails.php?cid=): Icon has been added to each result
    • Following have been moved out of the “Show More” section, with SAYT (and partial search) support:
      • ‘Sender: Recipient Location’
      • ‘Sender: Department’
      • ‘Sender: Cost Center’
      • ‘Delivery: Department’
      • ‘Delivery: Cost Center’
      • ‘Reference Number’
  • “Pickup Tracking Number” updated to the full SqBx number

Receive – Error loading content when Location field disabled

  • Resolved an issue where Customers with Routing disabled and they disable the Location field, the Receive and Multi-Receive screens would not load properly

Label Printing – Option to Open PDF and Print

  • “PDF” Printing Mode added to Package System Settings (/settings.php?mode=PT)
    • When enabled with “Legacy” mode PDFs will be separately generated per label (NOTE When using this mode be sure to allow pop-ups, if not in Chrome, Edge, and IE11 it only generates one)
    • When enabled with “Modern” mode PDFs will all generate on the same PDF
    • When PDF mode is active (Legacy or Modern) the user will only be allowed to print out one or no PDF on the Receive page, it will display some detail text and revert to one in this case

Package Statistics – Add Average time to Deliver to Top of Report (/packagestats.php)

  • Package Statistics page(/packagestats.php) has been updated to display “Average Time from [STARTDATE] to [FINISHDATE] for [STARTINGSTATUS] to [ENDINGSTATUS]” above the table

Reports – Add Device Name to Grids and Export

  • “Device Name” has been added to grid and reports for:
    • Find Package (/packagefind.php)
    • Current Undelivered/Deliver (/pendingdeliveries.php)
    • Received Today (/packagesreceived.php)
    • Delivered Today (/packagesdelivered.php)
    • Find by Recipient (/packagequickfind.php)
    • Tracking Number (/trknoquickfind.php)
    • Quick Find (/customquickfind.php)
  • Datasource names for “Device Name” are ‘[DEVICE_NAME]’ for the Title and ‘devicename’ for Value in a template

SQBX Support Page – Prompt download and form submission

  • Updated the Support Page and resolved an issue with the LogMeIn Rescue download

Reports – Matching All CSV Exports to have Same CSV Headers

  • Headers on CSV and Excel reports have been updated to be in consistent order and formatting for the following pages:
    • Current Undelivered (pendingdeliveries.php)
    • Find Package (packagefind.php)
    • Received Today (packagesreceived.php)
    • Delivered Today (packagesdelivered.php)
    • Recipient Quick Search  (packagequickfind.php)
    • Tracking Number Quick Search (trknoquickfind.php)
    • Custom Quick Search (customquickfind.php)

Receipt Detail – Storage Location field displays when disabled

  • Resolved an issue where ‘Storage Location’ would display on Receipt Details even when disabled and not used

Duplicate Barcode Detection – “Modify Receipt with Tracking Number” doesn’t appear when Enabled

  • Resolved an issue where if Duplicate Barcode Detection was enabled and you select to Modify the package, the Receive screen would not show the “Modify Receipt with Tracking Number”

Modify Recipient – User can save page when required fields cleared

  • Resolved an issue where ‘Modifying a Recipient’ would let the User save the Recipient even if the required fields were empty

Job Function – Adding a Job Function Shows Old Icons

  • Resolved an issue where the Modify and Delete icons on ‘Manage Job Functions’ would revert to the old icon images upon adding a new Job type

Emails – Package Images don’t display

  • Resolved an issue where the image attached to a package would display the Image link as a text link
  • Image will now display the image in the Email
    • Package images are set as the large image size (512 x 512) to avoid running into max size errors with email server
  • Image related keywords have been removed from SMS Keyword Template as Images are not supported
  • “Source” has been added to Email Template to allow more control on how content displays

Dashboard – Package Statistics Widget not reflecting yearly data properly

  • The Package Statistics widget “Average Time To Deliver This Year” has been updated to reflect only packages received and delivered in the current year
  • When hovering over the “Average Time To Deliver This Year” text in the widget, a tooltip with information on how the calculation is made is displayed


Re-assign Recipient Alerts on Mobile

  • When a ‘Re-assignment Alert’ is triggered on handheld, the following takes place:
    • A message is displayed in the alert modal that the re-assignment will take place after sync (translated for other languages as well)
    • After syncing with the site the original status and the Modify status are saved alongside the recipient re-assignment and display correctly on the site.
    • When alerts (in general) are triggered it makes a noise like the site does to alert the user scanning packages in
  • Handheld now respects the “Alerts when Verifying” flag set on the site
  • Triggering alerts on the ‘Verify’ screen now works similar to the site. An alert will be triggered for each applicable instance (e.g. an alert for FEDEX TNOs will always trigger), behavior on Receive and Multi-Receive remains as it was before

Routing – Issues with locations that have children

  • Resolved an issue where scanning packages for a Child Location on a Parent Location under Routing would not select the Child Location Package when it should


Pickup Portal

Pickup Portal – Portal User to Cancel a Pickup

  • New System Status called “Pickup Cancelled” (code is CANCELLED) has been added when “Pickup Portal” is enabled
    • Status has the “Released” and “Portal Claim” flags

  • When viewing the pickup (Interoffice or Ship Request) on “My Pickups” page(/pickup/shipmentdetails.php?cid=) and the Pickup is either in “Pending Pickup” or “Pending Approval” status the user can cancel the pickup via the “Cancel Pickup” button
    • When clicked a modal will appear with “Are you sure you want to cancel this pickup?” text and a Yes and No button
    • Clicking Yes will then display a modal (note modal cannot be clicked out of to dismiss) with a required Note field (no blank or Note will be attached to the package

Pickup Request Detail – Custom UOM field absent

  • Resolved an issue where the UOM content was not displaying on the Pickup Request Details screen for a package
    • Custom UOM content now properly displays on Pickup Details page, reflects content from the PDF

Tracking Number Format – Disallow Match Pattern to be whitespace/blank

  • Resolved an issue where if someone were to save a Tracking Rule with a whitespace or blank value, it would cause the handheld to crash and bring the user to the login screen.
    • User is now unable to save a Match Pattern with whitespace/blank, “Modify Regex” button will now disable when blank.

Receive – Locking Labels is not Working

  • Resolved an issue where Locking the Labels on Receive would not save the amount
    • Label field now properly retains the input value when locked
    • Label field now properly sets the default value when unlocked

Ship Request Export – CSV File Export Missing Fields

  • The following have been added to the “Automatic Pending Pickups CSV” export:
    • Sender Department
    • Sender Cost Center
    • Sender Address 3
    • Recipient Email
    • Recipient Address 3
    • SendSender
    • SendRecipient
    • SendShipmentEmail
    • SendDeliveryEmail
    • SendExceptionEmail

Pickup Settings – Require Existing Cost Center/Department

  • “Require an Existing Department?” and “Require an Existing Cost Center?” flags added to Pickup Settings page (/settings.php?mode=PICKUP)
  • When flags are enabled, Pickup Portal user has to input a ‘Department’ or ‘Cost Center’ that exists.
  • If a Pickup User tries to input one that doesn’t exist or leaves it blank, validation is returned
  • Both Interoffice and Ship Requests cannot be submitted if invalid entry input in either field when flag enabled

Ship Request – Add Text Under Carrier Field

  • “NO FEDEX OR UPS ALLOWED WHEN SHIPPING TO A PO BOX” text has been added underneath the “Carrier” field on the Ship Request tab

Ship Request – Add the Special Requirement Flags Back

  • On “Pickup Settings” page(/settings.php?mode=PICKUP), “Enable Special Requirements – Carrier Email Notations for external shipping engines?” flag has been added to the “Ship Request Defaults” section
  • When enabled, the Special Requirements section on the “Ship Request” page(/pickup/createpickup.php) displays two additional data list fields:
    • Notify
      • Recipient
      • You
    • Email Notification
      • On Shipment
      • On Delivery
      • On Exception

Ship Request – Add “Nigeria” to Ship Requests Countries List

  • Nigeria has been added to Country dropdowns on Operational, Pickup Portal, and Reseller
  • Nigeria Country Code properly populates in formulas on site and handheld

Portal – Carriers still showing when ‘Use Carrier for shipping’ is disabled

  • Resolved an issue where Carriers would display when creating a Ship Request, even if disabled
  • List of available Carriers will now display properly on the Ship Request screen
  • Adding/modifying a customer in the Reseller and enabling/disabling carriers in the “Customer Portal Options” section it properly enables/disables ship via flag
  • Viewing the “Carriers & Services” page(/maintaincarriers.php), Admin user is able to enable/disable the “Use carrier for shipping” flag per carrier for use

Pickup – Interoffice Request PDF Issue with Recipients having the Same Name

  • Resolved an issue where Interoffice Request PDF would render incorrect information for Interoffice Requests for Recipients with the same name and displayed the first created Recipients information instead
  • Pickup Request PDFs, Pickup Details, and Receipt Detail now properly retain and display information when Recipients have the same name


Parcel Pending

Property Management – Remove Functionality for Admin Users vs Expert Users

  • “Parcel Lockers Properties and Export Settings”(/lockerpropertiesandsettings.php) has been renamed to “Property Location Management” on the Admin screen
    • Page title when viewed has been updated from “Parcel Lockers Properties and Export Settings” to “Parcel Locker Properties”
    • Expert Users still retain access to all current functionality to Add/Modify/Delete properties
    • “Add Property” and Delete have been removed for Admin users
      • When and Admin clicks the Edit button for a Property, the “Property Name” is grayed out and disabled
        • Hover text stating “Property Name is managed by Quadient” when hovering over field
      • Admin users can edit grace/blocking period as well as the selected Locations
  • “Locker Export Settings” tab has been combined with the “Parcel Pending Export History” page as its own tab
    • The page has been renamed to “Parcel Pending Settings / History”

CSV Import – Recipients no longer default “Primary” enabling integration

  • Resolved an issue where “Primary” was not being set when importing a CSV file without either ‘Primary’, ‘Consignor’, ‘Guarantor’, or ‘Minor’
    • When the “Parcel Pending Residential Locker Integration” is enabled:
      • Move-in date is properly set to current day for existing recipients
      • “Primary” flag is enabled
    • CSV import has been updated with the following:
      • Primary, Consignor, Guarantor, and Minor only update if the respective Header/Value is supplied
      • If all 4 are missing it will set Primary to ‘1’
      • Invalid dates will produce “12/31/1969” or “1/1/1970” depending on time zone

Parcel Pending – Update Properties from ‘Classification’ to ‘Location’

  • “Parcel Lockers Properties and Export Settings” (/lockerpropertiesandsettings.php) has been moved from the Admin “Expert” section to ‘Locations’ section when Parcel Pending is enabled
    • Section is now accessible by both Admins and Support users
    • Both Admins and Supports users can add, edit, and delete properties
    • Checked other user levels cannot access these sections
  • Properties are now tied to “Locations” instead of “Classifications”
    • Location search uses SAYT rather than dropdown
    • Locations cannot be connected to more than one Property at a time
  • Addressbook Export is now based off of Location instead of Classifications

Parcel Pending – Copy All Pack City Logic Over

  • Existing PackCity functionality copied to Parcel Pending. This was done so that future changes will not affect existing logic for customers using PackCity
    • All Pre-advise settings behave as expected
    • Missing statuses have been added

Parcel Pending Export – Split Name into ‘Firstname’ and ‘Lastname’

  • When Parcel Pending is enabled, the Name field is separated into Firstname/Lastname fields by first space on both manual export and the Parcel Pending Addressbook exports
    • If no space is in name, it is only placed into ‘Firstname’. The ‘Lastname’ will be empty

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