SqBx June 23rd, 2021 Release

Release Notes


Package Tracking

Images – Option to display Original Size

  • When selecting an image thumbnail from carousel on the “Receipt Details” screen, clicking “View Original” opens a new tab with original size image

Contactless Delivery – Images not Expandable

  • Clicking on a Contactless Delivery image will now bring up a Modal window and allow the User to view the Original Image in a new browser tab

Reports – Update SLA Reports

  • Update the SLA Reports to work similarly to other report screens in Package Tracking

  • ‘Carrier’ and ‘Service’ are now options to report against when using the SLA Report

  • Enabling headers in the SLA Report Grid will include the information in the export

  • The following will always be present in the SLA CSV Export

    • Tracking No.

    • Recipient

    • Recipient Location

    • Route

    • Received

    • Delivered

    • Time To Deliver

    • Delivered By

Receive/Multi-Receive – Fields can become unresponsive after printing out alert in Chrome

  • Resolved an issue where on the Receive or Multi-Receive page and printing out an alert, the page would become unresponsive when closing out of the Modal window manually.

  • Resolved an issue with displaying more than 3 images in the ‘Receipt Details’ screen when viewing the History for a package.

  • Resolved an issue where the Images were not displaying in the order that they were attached to the Package.

Imports – Auto Importing CSV with Capitalized Extension

  • Resolved an issue where if a file with ‘.CSV’ as the extension instead of ‘.csv’ was placed onto the Customers FTP Server for a Recipient Import, it would not import the file.

    • Using either ‘.CSV’ or ‘.csv’ will now work

    • Change was also applied to Purchase Order Auto Import process

Site – Display WTS Software Version for All Users

  • Added a button to the top of the screen for All Users to see what version of Package Tracking they have

    • Includes ‘User ID’, ‘Customer ID’, and ‘Version’ to help assist the Customer and Support Representative

Tracking Number Format – Filtering by “All Carriers” displays disabled carriers

  • Resolved an issue where selecting ‘All Carriers’ on the ‘Tracking Number Format’ screen is displaying carriers that are disabled when it shouldn’t.

Reports – Delivered Timestamp Missing from CSV/Excel Exports

  • Resolved an issue where the ‘Date Delivered’ timestamp was missing from the CSV and Excel exports files on “Find Package” even when displayed from the Grid

  • “Status Changed” formatting has also been addressed on CSV and Excel export files

Reports – Exponential Equation Showing for Exported xlsx Instead of Equation

  • Resolved an issue where the Excel export on “Find Package” and “Current Undelivered” would be displayed in exponential format when it was too long.

  • The Tracking Number columns data will now be formatted as =”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” to match the CSV export.

    • When viewing the Excel export, the =” “ will not appear since it is calculated and displays formula results (clicking on the cell display =”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”)

Pickup Portal

Pickup Portal – Re-add Print Document button for Interoffice requests

  • Added the ability to Reprint Interoffice Pickup Requests from the Pickup Portal

Find Package – “All Fields” Not Searching All Criteria

  • Resolved an issue where the ‘Any Field’ was not searching against the following:

    • Sender

    • PO Number

    • Shipment Number

    • Email

    • Cell

    • Damages

‘Deliveries by User’ Widget – Not Calculating by Event

  • Resolved an issue where the ‘Deliveries by User’ widget would not display every status changed. It is now corrected and matching the User ‘Event Report’ count as expected.

Purchase Orders

PO – Can’t See all Text in PO, All Fields on 1 Line

  • Updated the Receive Screen package Contents fields in how they work

  • Added a new column called ‘Row’ to Contents under the “Customize Fields” screen

    • When user selects a specific row for a content field it will display in that row on the Receive screen

    • Row dropdown defaults to 1

  • The ‘Receive’ screen has been updated to reflect the following changes

    • If text is too large for the whole row, it will now wrap within the container it is in

    • When there are multiple items in Package Contents an alternating background is displayed

PO – Quantity not updating

  • Resolved an issue where the ‘Quantity’ for a Line Item on a PO Contents was not updating and displaying the remaining amount left.

  • Modal for a PO Shipments will now display ‘Qty’ ‘Remaining’ and ‘Received’ for easier reference

  • Contents will now insert the ‘Remaining’ quantity against the line item instead of leaving it blank.


TZ Locker – REST API Changes

  • BadgeID mapped to BadgeCardNumber (ensured this is updates if updated on SQBX side)

  • UniqueID mapped to RecipientId

  • NOTE: TZ only accepts numeric Badge IDs, TZ also will strip any leading 0s (0s otherwise are properly carried over)

Send Receipts REST API – Handle signature and contactless delivery images

  • Signature images now properly displays on site when submitted with API request for sites when S3 is enabled or disabled

  • Contactless images now properly displays on site when submitted with API request for sites when S3 is enabled or disabled

  • NOTE: this change only affects the REST API, not the SOAP API



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