SqBx January 27th Release

Release Notes


    • Rebrand Packcity to Parcel Pending
      • Packcity references have been updated to the desired text Quadient requested
      • Ran all Packcity related automated tests to ensure integration was not affected
    • Pickup Reports – Update Grid and Export Files
      • Updated grid and reports to show additional information related to the pickup request
    • Templates – Remove/Store Asset Tracking and Visitor Tracking Templates Elsewhere
      • Asset and Visitor templates no longer visible for existing and new customers as these modules are not in the new UI at this time
    • Pickup Portal – Can’t search by Recipient
      • “Recipient” added as filter option if Pickup User has ‘Cost Center’ or ‘Company View’ enabled (hidden if neither is enabled)


  • High resolution images fail to upload
    • Resolved an issue where high resolution images would not fully upload (limit is now 20mb)
  • Android – APK Auto Update Issues on XT3, XT30, and XT200
    • When applicable automatic update is available user can update their device across the various Android versions (checked on 4.4.4, 5.0.2, 7.1.1 and 10)
    • User will receive “Update Successful” message on Login screen after update
    • NOTE If manually updating from an older version to a newer one the user will now be brought to the Login page with the “Update Successful” message
    • NOTE Android 10 doesn’t automatically bring the app back to the foreground after update (this is a limitation of our current code base)
    • NOTE This was only applied to the new UI, on the old UI users will see a 404 in their log since their isn’t an endpoint for this there, it shouldn’t affect functionality though)
  • Android/Site – Sync fails at upload when package deleted
    • Resolved an issue where if you deleted a package on the site and a handheld user delivers that package without syncing first to get updated receipts, when they sync it gets stuck at uploading receipts and eventually returns a “Receipt upload progress was not successful.”
  • Android – Recipient Name field should allow recipients not in system
    • Resolved an issue where inputting a Recipient name not in the system on the Android app (3.9.4  or higher), the Recipient name would clear out when you left the field
  • Pickup Request Detail – Hazardous field absent
    • “Hazardous” field added to Pickup Details page for Ship Requests as it was not displaying prior
    • “Hazardous” radio button added to WTS skin Ship Request form (was already present on SQBX skin)


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