Single Sign On Now Available with SqBx Tracking

Single Sign On:

The development team at Ubiquia have broke new ground with their latest project. We are now offering Single Sign On or SSO as part of our SqBx suite of tracking products.

Many organizations are requiring that multiple business applications have the same sign on credentials to help reduce the number of user names and passwords required for authentication. We have integrated the Shibboleth platform to accomplish SSO inside of SqBx. Shibboleth is deployed by many universities.

A unique feature of SqBx is that we can deploy a student portal on a university website so the student can log in and view only his or her packages and the movements of those packages. With potentially thousands of users campus wide the Single Sign On capability makes it easy to manage users and their access to our system.

Need to get a hold of our SqBx specialists to learn more? Give us a call at 1-800-268-6296.

Happy Tracking!!

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