Power Up Your Enterprise Needs with the TC55

The TC55 Touch Computer is designed as a pocket-size, user friendly mobile device with the look of a smartphone and the power of a rugged enterprise machine.

Zebra Technologies gracefully adapts a user friendly experience without sacrificing the essential enterprise needs to get the job done. They’ve designed a mobile device that can power through harsh weather conditions and extensive working hours.

This mobile device puts the limits to the test in comparison to generic smartphones. Performance features like the pre-installed Mobility Extensions, known as Mx for short, gives your business an added layer of security. Take pride in securing the safety, for instance, in student and patient information, government and financial documents when using SqBx on a TC55 device.

In fact, fundamental SqBx functions are easily managed on a TC55 Touch Computer. Users can receive in packages seamlessly with its built-in 1D linear scanner. The scanner is integrated into the device to allow users to scan bar codes quickly with precision. It also features an 8 megapixel auto focus camera for photos and video. Users can take photos of damages or incidents on packages and update their status in real time. Sign for packages and verify them electronically for proof of delivery right on the mobile device.

In terms of cost, there is definitely a long term value. Some might argue that it may be pricier to purchase the TC55 as oppose to a generic Android consumer device. However, the results from using the touch computer prove its business-class durability and worth. SqBx users can enjoy world-class technological advances like the android multi-touch feature and its connectivity to 4G LTE, WIFI, and EDGE/GPRS/GSM support. The TC55 Touch Computer has proven to be the lightest and powerful rugged handheld device yet. Delivery teams out there can rest assured that they’ll be able to use SqBx on their TC55’s thanks to its all day battery equipped to last up to 2 days’ worth of work. It is definitely made for business and it is made to facilitate any mail room and delivery team using SqBx.

This kind of investment on a rugged handheld designed to boost any package and receiving solution. We invite you to schedule a demo to learn more about how you can improve your mail room area. Get a quote with a SqBx specialists while you’re at it. Simply give them a call at 1-800-268-6296.

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