A Package Tracking Software Made for Fast and Easy Use

The daunting task of tracking packages once they have been delivered is quickly becoming a greater concern for many organizations around the country.  The job of logging package details as well as routing the packages, so that they are delivered to the appropriate recipients in a timely fashion can be a manual and cumbersome process. Desktop solutions are falling short of the features and benefits they can bring to the table.

A web-based package tracking software that is housed in the cloud, like SqBx gives users a global visibility of your packages by showing the delivery status, details, condition, and even location.  Since the application resides on the internet and data is stored in the cloud, installation is as simple as assigning a user name and password. Your organization could be up and running in a matter of minutes.  The days of long, drawn out, unsuccessful and painful installations are over.  By using our inbound package tracking system, you will have the depth of a large enterprise tracking solution that is user friendly and has been unavailable in traditional desk top applications.

Support teams have also been drastically changed in terms of a web based application vs. the traditional desktop receiving systems.  Support requests can now be fielded instantaneously through a chat session directly on the website. For instance, our SqBx support team can even provide support directly through the hand held computer. This is clearly a competitive advantage for the web based package tracking system.  No longer will you have to wait on hold listening to an automated attendant selecting number after number to get your problem solved.  Simply click on the support icon and help is there.

That’s why we truly believe that web-based package tracking systems are the future of the receiving department and the mail room.

Happy Tracking!

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