Package Tracking Software: SqBx the Best Solution

SqBx package tracking software was engineered as a cloud application. We are the cloud experts, our heads having been in the cloud since 2007. One of the key differentiators that really sets us apart from the competition is that we are cross platform and browser compliant. This means you can operate SqBx package tracking in Linux, Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7, and Mac iOS environments. Additionally, your organization can continue to use your internet browser of choice: Internet Explorer 8/9, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. No longer would you have to worry about losing software functionality when IT updates everyone’s’ operating system or browser.

For organizations with multiple sites and campuses SqBx package tracking software is an excellent choice. Each location can track its own operations and the software allows for super user access. The super user will have complete visibility over all sites and operations and have the ability to review productivity and generate company wide reports. Super users and cross platform and browser compliance are just a few of the many ways that SqBx is ahead of the competition. SqBx package tracking software offers the most flexibility in the industry making it the best solution for your internal mail and receiving needs.

Happy Tracking.

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