SqBx Package Tracking Enhancements are Happening Soon!

You asked and SqBx delivered. Continuous improvement is fundamental to your SqBx Package Tracking software. This latest release boasts time saving features and other enhancements to ensure the best possible SqBx user experience. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Check out the Latest SqBx Tracking Release Details Below:

Receive Screen Updates

SqBx has always allowed attachments such as PDF and Word documents to any package record. This is important for organizations that require a copy of the packing slip or other special handling documents as part of your workflow. This latest release simplifies adding attachments by allowing you to add them directly from the receive screen. Saving steps saves valuable staff time.

When on the receive screen you can lock fields by clicking the radio button to the left of the field. This feature is useful when receiving multiple packages that have some of the same details such as recipient and sender. There is now a new lock all button that locks all fields. No more click, click, click – saving your team valuable key stroke time.

iOS Updates

SqBx has an iOS app that can be used to receive, route and deliver packages. The SqBx development team recently added the ability for delivery personnel to add notes when they are picking up or delivering packages on their route. As an example, this can be useful when your delivery team wants to note why they were late to a mailstop.

Delivery Enhancements

SqBx has the ability to deliver multiple packages and collect 1 signature to apply to all records. This functionality is used by many SqBx customers. It is extremely common for an organization to deliver everything for a department or mailstop and have 1 person take custody of the item. Now when your delivery personnel are scanning multiple packages for delivery, the most recently scanned item will appear at the top of the list instead of the bottom. This was recommended by one of our education customers to improve the delivery experience. We’re happy to oblige.

System Settings

SqBx works with many freight forwarding and package forwarding agencies here in the US that ship and receive packages involving other countries. When creating recipients in SqBx previously, the country defaulted to the US. To accommodate this we’ve added a system setting to set the default country. This simplifies their recipient creation process and ensures a better user experience. Incidentally, SqBx is available in French and soon Spanish and available in countries other than the US.

Package Alerts

The SqBx package alert function has been given a tune up and displays package alerts on the SqBx site, Windows Mobile, and Android Devices. Package alerts are used by organization to advise whomever receives a package of special handling instructions. Using package alerts means no more sticky notes on your workstation with reminders and eliminates having to communicate special details to your whole team. Not only can package alerts advise the package receiver of special handling, it can also reassign a package and route to another person for delivery. For example:  John Sample is on vacation for 2 weeks, an alert can be created to route his packages to a counterpart in the department until his return. Put your special handling and reassignment needs on Auto-Pilot with SqBx.

SqBx Asset Tracking

Did you know SqBx offers an Asset tracking module? SqBx Asset tracking can help your organization track fixed assets such as IT equipment, radios, furniture, vehicles and more. The asset tracking module can assign items to a custodian or a location. With this latest release we improved the asset import function to assign items upon import to the correct custodian or location, if desired.

We hope you enjoy this release. We welcome all feedback, suggestions, and concerns regarding our tracking solutions. Please feel free to reach out to our team at support@ubiquia.com or call us at 1-800.268.6296.

Happy Tracking!

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