Choose The Right Enterprise Mobile Device To Boost Your Business

When choosing what mobile device is best for your business process, there are generally three paths a business owner can adopt. Considering the benefits of each and weighing out he costs can help you decide what type of device is best suitable for your team. Consider these three major mobile devices used in an enterprise environment:

1.  Commercial Enterprise Device

A commercial enterprise device, or a rugged device is created by technology experts that create the handheld mobile devices with your business in mind.  They are designed with features that make the device suited for extreme conditions, retail environments, and supply chain operations. While it may be a costly upfront investment, the value of these handhelds is really measured long-term.

2. Consumer Smartphone Device

In comparison, a consumer smartphone device is less expensive and built for day-to-day use. However, the structure of the devices are not designed to power through weather conditions, mishandles, accidents, or heavy working days. In fact, their consumer design makes for a fragile situation, often resulting in frequent replacement costs for each device.

3. Bring Your Own Device – BYOD

The concept of bringing your own device may be viewed as the most practical choice. In fact many administrators may consider this path for their business practice as it does appear quite appealing having to spend little to no upfront costs or feeds for a smartphone device. Little money is spent on training as they are already familiar with their own device and it would be up to them to keep up with mobile updates. However, one must consider that by reducing initial costs your business risks eliminating any consistent and adequate support and maintenance services for the devices. In addition, this method can leave your business in danger, often making your process prone to security breaches, issues of device ownership, as well as added legal issues including fines and costs. Would you really know that your business’ private information is being safeguarded?

So what does this all mean?

Deploying your business process effectively begins with choosing the right device. It can truly make or break your success. Motorola Solutions tells us firsthand that, “the wrong device can frustrate users, decrease productivity, increase costs, and potentially introduce safety risks.” So really, one must consider the type of works you have on board and what their workflow entails. Evaluating your needs will help you make the decision you feel would be best for your business when choosing the appropriate mobile device.

Take into consideration factors such as costs, productivity, and performance. What would your business risk in choosing either of the options. Are safety measures indicative of the path you should consider choosing or are repair and maintenance costs the issue at hand? Compromising your productivity to save in costs could potentially harm your business and decrease your opportunities for a better ROI.

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