May Release – SubPrint Updates and More

With Summer closing in, we are tuning up SqBx to provide our users the best experience possible. Our newest release, scheduled for May 24th, includes enhancements to our SubPrint application and updated delimiter types for Import.

SubPrint Enhancement

Many of our SqBx customers print delivery labels that contain custom information to assist them with their deliveries and package storage. Every organization’s label requirements are different and we offer a variety of fields that can be added to your label template to improve your tracking process. Printing to a label printer requires either a recent version of Java or out external printing application SubPrint. This month, we have updated our SubPrint external printing application for Google Chrome users. Google chrome recently set new guidelines for their certificates that required subject alternative names be added to the certificate. As this was not previously required, the SqBx team updated our SubPrint application for Chrome users so they can continue using SubPrint to print their delivery labels. To direct download visit our help site or contact our support team at to update SubPrint for Chrome.

Import Enhancement

Do you import? Most SqBx customers do. We offer a variety of import methodologies from manual import, FTP, to API. One common denominator in importing your recipient files is that they have to be in .CSV file. CSV stands for comma separated value. In order to align better with our International customers and international formats, we have updated the import mechanism to permit additional delimiters. Colons, semicolons, pipe, and tabs are all supported as delimiter types for CSV import files for everything you might import into SqBx.


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Stay tuned for more exciting releases to your tracking software.
Happy Tracking!

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