March Release – Asset and Package Tracking Updates

Happy Spring, SqBx users! Thank you for reading about our latest release. In this current SqBx release, enhancements were made to SqBx Asset Tracking and SqBx Package Tracking.


Simplified Delivery Management

SqBx offers an advanced routing tool which provides an excellent visual of all packages that need to be delivered.  Your SqBx mobile device will list all routes, stops, and packages for each stop. Previously, this tool required signature collection for packages delivered via the routing mechanism. To better serve our customers that deliver to locations or unmanned areas, the routing tool will now support deliveries without a signature. This enhancement can be set up by your SqBx administrator.

Faster Proof of Delivery

Did you know that SqBx has the capability to prove a delivery with a badge or ID swipe? This functionality is available at a workstation with a signature pad with a built in MSR (magnetic stripe reader) and is also available on several of the mobile devices that can be used in the field. On mobile devices that are MSR capable, there is a retrieve function where you can swipe the ID and pull up a list of undelivered packages for that recipient. In this latest release, we have added this functionality at the workstation so an ID or Badge can be swiped on the MSR signature pad and packages can be pulled up for that particular individual, saving time and keystrokes in your daily operations. This new functionality will be available on the ‘find package’ screen.

Fixed Asset Tracking

SqBx offers an Asset tracking module that enables organization to track their fixed assets. Fixed item types vary by organization, anything from IT equipment, laptops, cameras, phones, monitors, office equipment, tools, furniture, vehicles and much more. Tracking assets in a systematic manner is extremely important to mitigate loss and ensure that assets are accounted for inside your organization. The SqBx Asset tracking solution offers check in and check out of assets to personnel or to locations, pinpoint functionality, the ability to track warranties, depreciation, repairs, and more. Each asset can be assigned a status such as assigned to custodian, moved to location, out for repair, sold, maintenance due, and more. These statuses can be viewed on the asset list pages for simpler viewing of the current status/disposition of each asset tracked by your organization. Need help tracking assets at your organization? Contact Team SqBx to learn more.



We are excited to share some upcoming enhancements that involve our inventory management solution.

Many of our SqBx customers, in addition to package tracking and delivery, have to manage inventory and supplies for their organization. Our Allocadence inventory solution offers tracking tools necessary to effectively manage all of your inventory needs. We will be enhancing our inventory solution to assist our client organizations with their internal order and delivery needs.

Coming soon to Allocadence and SqBx tracking will be the ability to post delivery order information directly into SqBx for routing and proof of delivery for your internal supply deliveries.

Need help managing inventory? Want to provide your internal deliveries of inventory supplies from your warehouse and store areas? Contact Team SqBx to learn more.


We always welcome feedback, suggestions, and concerns regarding our tracking system solutions. Call us Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST at 1-800-268-6296. For additional questions outside of business hours, email us at Stay tuned for more exciting release to your tracking software.


Happy Tracking!

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