Do You Have Interoffice Package and Document Tracking?

Regardless of whether your organization is large or small there will always be important documents that need to be sent and delivered to personnel within your office or between offices. The mail room delivery personnel can receive, assign, deliver, and track all interoffice mail during their normal mail delivery run without having to go back to the mail room to create a bar code using our interoffice software module.

Every day, documents are sent around a busy office setting. The documents can easily be misplaced and also take up delivery time handling a document that needs to be received by someone before an important business meeting, or perhaps needs to be read and signed by several individuals throughout the work day. Our interoffice tracking software is designed to keep an important document or package from getting lost and making it to each desired recipient.

When delivery personnel makes their runs throughout the office they will be able to receive the document or package right away. The delivery personnel will no longer need to make a run to the mail room to print a bar-code off so the document can be received and delivered. They can now receive, deliver, and keep on track with the mail run. No other solution on the planet can offer you the power provided by SqBx.

Speak to a SqBx specialist to learn more about how your receiving area can benefit from locking in a successful interoffice tracking software system at 1-800-268-6296.

Happy Tracking!

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