Internal Package Tracking Software: Search Functionality

SqBx’s inbound package tracking system is a revolutionary web based receiving system with cloud storage.  One of the main functions that separates this package tracking software from the crowd is SqBx’s unparalleled speed.  In an instant, you will be able to click and find exactly what you are looking for. We have built in many different methods to search for your missing package.  Once you find the package, you will be able to drill down on the details of that package including when it was received, who did the receiving, when it was delivered, and who was the person that did the delivery.  In addition to the staff information, you will also be able to view the signature of the recipient as well as the time and date that the transaction occurred.  This proof of delivery can downloaded for emailing or it can be printed for your records.

SqBx’s package tracking software has taken the capture of the signature one step further.  We have embedded the signature on a custom made watermark that provides an additional level of security to that signature.  A package tracking system must be able to verify that a package has been received, delivered, and who signed for it.  Our internal package tracking system will give you all of those capabilities with lightning speed.  Being that the system is a web based parcel tracking software, you will be able to access the information that you are looking for anywhere you have an internet connection, even with a smart phone. SqBx’s internal package tracking system is simply the fastest way to locate a package that has been delivered inside your organization.

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