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Ensure compliance with league tracking rules. Track packages, equipment, lost and found it.

Report Logistics In A Matter Of Seconds

Don’t let a tracking system that lacks the ability to adapt to the rules of your organization cut you short of reaching goals. Ensure that your workforce stays ahead of the game. From creating fields with drop downs for method of distribution to requiring a sender address, SqBx offers on-hand flexibility and on the fly customization than any other tracking provider out there. Rest assured your team will always be compliant with league regulations.

Go a step further to meet your logistics and reporting duties. Submitting tracking reports to meet the requirements of your league is an easy and efficient process. SqBx will assist your staff to send weekly and monthly reports to your league. Imagine this, SqBx takes only seconds to sync information and give your staff a live report. All reports can be exported to PDF and Excel file based on your leagues specification. Custom reports can be saved and pulled up multiple times so they’re ready when you need them. Dedicate labor hours to more than just spreadsheets by trimming tasks with SqBx.

Who do we work with?

Sqbx works with news stations, movie production studios, and other entertainment entities. SqBx understands the importance of taking entertainment to the next level, that’s why our handheld devices are always up for the challenge to make sure your team can streamline and improve working and moving operations every time you need it.

Meeting tracking requirements

Many of our customers within the sports industry have the challenge of meeting the tracking requirements of their league. It’s an often occurrence due to new directives that dictate the importance of tracking and reporting. Like most working environments, these items can change as new regulations supersede old ones.

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