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Optimize your receiving and delivery operations

Reduce package touchpoints, improve KPI’s and exceed service goals with SQBX tracking. Ensure compliance with processes and safeguard your organization from procedural failures that can result in costly fines.

Reduce staff time, support sustainability initiatives, and improve KPI's

SqBx assists healthcare organizations with internal chain of custody, proof of delivery and sustainability initiatives that reduce paper waste and delivery tickets common in many health organizations. SqBx delivery management and tracking helps your team to meet internal service goals and achieve KPIs for tracking internal packages, gas cylinders, PO items, and more.

  • Internal Delivery Management

    Increase visibility of internal packages and items. Reduce your staffs time and redundant processes. Create communication rules. Improve your companies KPI’s. Report against any status, event, or user. Collect a electronic signature upon delivery.

  • Purchase Order Data Exchange

    Exchange data with ERP/MMIS systems. Streamline receiving and delivery of packages. Receive, reconcile PO’s, route and deliver with one application. Mobilize deliveries with electronic signature. Eliminate redundant staging and reduce package touch points.

  • 3rd Party Asset Tracking

    Process improvement measure. Set events based on asset life cycle. Set time limits on events and create communication alerts.

  • Gas Cylinder Tracking

    Minimize erroneous bills. Mobile delivery and pick-up option. Track inflow and outflow of cylinders to your facility. Report cylinders location via department, count cylinders in storage areas, and increase staff and vendor accountability.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Healthcare facilities receive a vast number of packages and supplies at their dock each day. Often items are critical to operations and require concrete chain of custody. SqBx PO receiving was developed for healthcare to be able to use one system to receive and track PO and Non-PO items. The PO integration module seamlessly exchanges data with your ERP / MMIS system to ensure accurate supply reporting.

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