Improving Communication with Custom Text and Email Notifications

Every mail room operates a little bit differently. Delivery methods, package tracking, routing, document tracking, and prioritizing are many common processes in mail centers. Depending on the type of organization there are often different classifications of end recipients. Often mail rooms have different delivery protocols based on recipient type. For example colleges and universities typically have 4 different types of recipients: students, faculty, administrative staff, and operations staff.  Students may have to pick up their packages at the university mail center or perhaps in the dorm mail room. Whereas, faculty may have packages delivered to their office and staff members may have a mail drop in their department areas.

One of the features that differentiates our package tracking software from all the rest is that SqBx not only can send text and email alerts to the end recipient but the message can be customized for each recipient type. The university mail center can send a message to a student that says “You have a package waiting in your dorm mail center” and staff could have a message that reads “ Your package is on the afternoon delivery schedule.”

Many large organizations have a variety of recipients as well, such as employees, managers, directors, vendors, contractors. Each with a different delivery protocol. SqBx enables your organization to be better connected and communicate with each group based on your internal processes and needs. SqBx package tracking software is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its customers. Take advantage of best in class software and improve the internal communication in your organization.

Happy tracking!

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