Back to School Educational Series: Improving Communication with Faculty & Staff

Welcome to our second installment of our Back to School education blog series. Today, we take a look at how mail services can communicate with faculty and staff in regards to inbound packages, ship requests, and interoffice materials.  Campus mail rooms provide a variety of services for faculty and staff. In addition to mail and package delivery, it is very common for them to handle interoffice deliveries, pickups for outbound shipments, and more.

TIP #2 Improve Communication

It can be challenging to manage all the processes and provide communication to the faculty and staff about the location of a document or package. This rings true at peak seasonal times, such as the beginning of the semester or the end of the fiscal year. An increasing amount of campuses are exploring solutions that offer better communication and tracking tools to their internal customers: faculty and staff.

How does your campus handle its interoffice deliveries? Generally, the faculty and staff of most campuses place their interoffice documents in a manila envelope that has from and to lines on the outside. These envelopes are placed in bins near a mail stop or pick up area. The challenge with these pickups and delivery is there is no chain of custody or official tracking of items. For high priority items, such as financial aid documents and transcripts, we recommend a solution that includes a barcode traveler document that can be created right from the issuing staff member’s desk and local printer. The SqBx Faculty/Staff portal allows a staff member to create an interoffice traveler document, pickup request, or an outbound shipment request from their local computer. This document can then be placed on pickup item and Sqbx will notify mail staff of pending pickups.

How else can campuses benefit?

  • Staff members can view details on all their inbound packages
  • Staff members can view status of interoffice and outbound items
  • Reduce inquiries and calls to mail center
  • High priority interoffice items are tracked with a bar code, ensuring traceability
  • Save substantial staff time researching items and handling inquiries

Happy Tracking!

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