Package Tracking and the Holidays

Stay ahead of the holiday curve with SqBx Package Tracking

Packages ebb and flow with business needs, driving package volumes at your organization. Many business notice that as the holidays draw near, their mail rooms can expect a ten percent increase in holiday package deliveries. This uptick of internal packages creates more work for your receiving and delivery team. The process of logging package details and routing packages can be taxing and takes away time from other important tasks. Implementing package tracking software to assist your organization with its holiday and year round package volumes is a best practice used by many organizations to ensure chain of custody.

Choosing a package tracking software for your business should be easy as pie. Your business deserves a sweet solution that is:

  • Simple yet robust
  • Customizable and adaptable
  • User friendly and feature rich

SqBx serves as a sweetly simple software solution for your organizational tracking needs. Robust enough to handle any workflow and customizable to match your verbiage and data requirements.

We offer web based package tracking that provides global visibility and shows delivery status, details, condition, and location. Rest easy this holiday season knowing where your packages are every step of the way inside your organization.


SqBx Package Tracking software also comes with many advantages. You’ll get proof of delivery with an electronic signature, ID swipe, or bar code scan. Additionally, you will have complete chain of custody for product, package, or important documents that arrive at your facility. SqBx software is always up to date and your business will never have to worry about outdated software. We perform software releases and introduce new features based on customer’s package tracking practices frequently.

The holidays are approaching quickly, as are the packages coming to your mail room. Treat yourself and your staff with SqBx Package Tracking software.

The best way to choose a package tracking software is to test it out – schedule a tailored demonstration with us today!

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Happy Holidays!