February Release – Portal and Mobile Enhancements

Much love to all of our SqBx users this February. With the New Year in full swing, our SqBx users can expect more frequent releases from your SqBx team. There are many exciting new features for your package tracking needs headed to you in 2017. Our current release hosts time saving enhancements for our SqBx portal and SqBx mobile users.

Portal Enhancements

SqBx tracking software offers a customer/employee portal where your organizational employees can create interoffice traveler documents and ship request documents right from their desk. Your team is notified of a pending pick up and processes the delivery internally. The portal offers your employees/customers/users access to view their packages, interoffice and ship requests and their current status. This tool improves internal deliveries, reduces calls to your receiving and delivery team, and enhances communication with your internal customers/employees. In addition to visibility inside the solution, SqBx administrators can now add template emails to be sent to the originator and recipient of ship requests, if desired. SqBx offers a powerful custom status management tool that permits communications, such as email and text. With this release, you can now select the portal request    originator as an intended recipient of email communications.  

An additional portal enhancement was added that allows SqBx administrator the flexibility to remove the email field on the ship request page. This field can be modified by the originator to include external email addresses. Some heavily regulated organizations prefer not to have this functionality enabled, in order to prevent emails from going outside the organization. An administrator can access admin/pick up settings in SqBx and locate the toggle to turn off this field if it is not needed or used by your organization. For our customers using this field currently, it is business as usual and no action is necessary.

Mobile Enhancements

When receiving packages at a workstation SqBx users have always had the ability to add a recipient or sender that is not in their database on the fly. This addition is then added to your recipient and/or sender repository and available for future use. This functionality has been added to mobile device in order to facilitate simplified addition of senders and recipients to the repository for future search as you type use. This is especially useful for organizations that don’t use workstations for receiving in packages and operate strictly with mobile devices.


As always, we welcome all feedback, suggestions, and concerns regarding our tracking system solutions. We love hearing from you! Call us Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST at 1-800-268-6296. For additional questions outside of business hours, email us at support@ubiquia.com. Stay tuned for more exciting releases to your package tracking software.

Happy Tracking!

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