The Delivery Package Software Solution for Your Business Is Here

When major carrier delivery teams like UPS or FedEx drop off packages to the receiving area of your facility, how is your business mail center or central receiving area tracking packages from initial receipt until they reach their end recipient?  How are you handling any issues your mail room may have had in the past with misplaced or lost packages?

Perhaps your business is simply in need of a better solution to create an efficient daily routine in the mail center. We invite you to think of SqBx as the packing tracking software solution to all your internal tracking needs.

Our package tracking software simplifies the process of ensuring the right person gets the right package at the right time. We have designed the software with “Signature Weave”, preventing alterations to proof of delivery. SqBx package tracking software is a highly customizable solution for your business needs and we provide real-time support and training to help your employees ramp up easily and quickly. Our support team will work with your staff and show them how to customize fields to your business tracking needs.

Another benefit of our package tracking software is that it can serve as a solution for interoffice and outbound packages. Our package tracking software is a great solution for you to track your packages from the time they are received up until they are delivered into the hands of the end recipient as well as save you money on outbound shipping. Make your office, mail and package deliveries more efficient by upgrading to the SqBx’s cloud-based tracking system.

Happy Tracking!

To learn more about type of tracking modules, request a demo with our SqBx specialist by giving us a call at 1-800-268-6296.

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