Integrate Package Tracking Into Your College Campus

Over the years it has become more apparent than ever that a university or college campus has a definite need for a consistent and reliable, yet easy-to-use package tracking process.

Now we understand that many schools indeed have multiple receiving areas: such as central receiving, mail services, student campus mail, housing services, individual dorms and many more. However, the issue with having multiple receiving areas is that packages are at risk for errors. After all, it happens one too many times where packages go missing or get lost as they are transferred to from one department to another. To make matters worse, inquiries are often misdirected to the wrong receiving area or department.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with a campus postmaster. To my surprise he informed me that there were three different departments in his facility for receiving packages. Each department had a different tracking process. When we had a chance to speak furthermore about our SqBx package tracking software, without a doubt it appeared to be the perfect solution. After all, I informed him that SqBx was made to optimize package tracking on campus. Needless to stay, SqBx pushes productivity to improve customer service levels for students, faculty, and staff.

Now, the manager I spoke with worked in the campus post office and his area only handled incoming USPS mail and packages. However, he did mention that he would often receive calls from students, parents, and staff members trying to locate a FedEx or UPS package. We quickly informed him that SqBx syncs seamlessly with any major carrier without any hassle or confusion. He said he loved the idea of having SqBx so he could easily look up a package that was processed by another department. He said it would save everyone time, increase efficiency, and improve service levels on their college campus.

We’re happy to have helped polish his work process and we are more than happy to help you succeed.
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