College and University Mail Center Package Tracking Software

Receiving for students, faculty, and staff can be a daunting task if the proper technology is not in place. However, SqBx’s package tracking software has been proven in some of the most demanding university and college mail centers across the country.

Students frequently change addresses in the beginning of each term trying to get settled in with a new life away from parents.  This challenges the mail center to keep up with the moves and updates of the student data. Fortunately, SqBx’s inbound package tracking system has the answer. We can interface with the student directory provided by the university and keep track of all of the students and their current addresses. These updates can happen automatically and as frequently as the university requires to ensure that the recipient database is up to date.

Not only is the student location a concern, but also the location of a package when put in storage.  Once a package is received, it is typically staged or stored in some area before the package is delivered or released to the final recipient.  Retrieving a package when the student comes to pick it up can be difficult, if there are several hundred packages. Our package tracking software has turned this into a very simple task. Through the use of mobile hardware we are able to scan the student ID, identify all of the packages assigned to that recipient, and the precise location in which those packages are stored.  A single signature can be captured for multiple packages and the process is complete.  These are just two processes in which our team has streamlined for several university mail centers across the country.

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Happy Tracking!

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