Assist your Organization Reach Sustainability Goals

Finding improvements in your day-to-day operations is without a doubt always beneficial to your team, your employer, and overall the business. This is why more and more companies are moving towards practices with increases sustainability. Most major corporations, hospitals, and education institutions receive a sizable volume of inbound packages and supplies each day. Often, receiving areas, mail centers, and warehouse alike, use copious amounts of paper, ink, toner, and other environmentally impactful supplies. In fact, many still use paper logs and delivery tickets in triplicate.

With the advent of cloud based technologies and bar coded tracking systems, there is absolutely no need for unnecessary waste in these departments. Organizations that are truly committed to their sustainability goals can evaluate its package tracking software currently being used in its mail and receiving areas. It is highly encourage to jumpstart those initiatives. The impact of sustainability efforts are often overlooked. Help reach and perhaps even surpass an organization’s sustainability by taking a second look for improvement. After all, package tracking software not only eliminates the amount of paper, copies, and toner being used, it gives your working areas a boost of efficiency and a clear visibility of all supplies and items throughout.

It’s never too late to begin discussing the merits of package tracking software within your sustainability department. Many companies have realized the importance of moving towards more sustainable processes, sustainable buildings, procedures, and supplies. In fact, it is not uncommon to see corporations, health care providers, and educational institutions take advantage of sustainability efforts.

Identify areas you feel are ready for improvement. Explore operational areas that could benefit from further automation. Sustainability goals can be reached, if and when there are individuals dedicated to improving the use of materials and supplies. In an era when sustainability and green solutions offer organizations and the general public many advantages we should make sure that we are looking at all aspects of operations in order to identify improvement areas.

We invite you to spend some time with a SqBx specialist to review your tracking process and improve any areas where sustainability approaches can be applied. If you currently do not have a tracking system in place, give us a call at 1 (800) 268-6296 to get started.

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