8 Tracking Features University and College Mail Services Need

SqBx is dedicated to releasing features equipped to make the best out of your university and college campus mail services.
  1. Swiping ID Cards: Retrieve packages by swiping the magnetic strip on the student ID’s. This will inform staff as to what packages are for that student and where they are located in the mail center.
  2.  Multiple Email Notifications: Send email notification automatically against a calendar of events. For instance, send the first email one hour after receiving package. Send a second email notification one day after the original send date. If needed, send a third email notification one day after the second and so on. It’s fully customizable for you to schedule.
  3.  Cross Platform Compliant: SqBx is available for us on Mac, PC, and Linux which gives university the flexibility to use it in any environment.
  4.  Student Portal: A secure student portal can be placed on university websites where students can go and look up their packages to monitor the status of those packages.
  5.  Pick Up Request: The various SqBx users across campus can create a “pick up” request from their desktop that can be sent to mail services to alert them when and if a package is ready for pick-up. This feature can be used for interoffice mail as well as for tracking outbound shipments.
  6.  Student and Staff Receiving: Receive packages for both student or staff and report against either classification.
  7.  FERPA Compliant: SqBx is the only system on the market that is FERPA compliant which means that your data is secure under The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
  8.  Sender Score Certified: Ubiquia, Inc. is a certified sender of emails, meaning we will not spam recipients with unwanted email.
Our SqBx specialists are available Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm EST for you to  learn more about these key features and more for your university and college mail services. Give them a call at 1-800-268-6296.

Happy Tracking!

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